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In Lenoir, North Carolina

At All God's Creatures Great & Small, located in Lenoir, North Carolina , we offer compassionate and attentive doggie daycare and pet boarding for your precious furry friends. Our local doggie daycare and pet boarding facility is fully equipped to provide your pets with a comfortable and enjoyable stay, whether they are visiting for a few hours or a few days. We welcome dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and a variety of other pets. All dogs are taken outside multiple times a day and are supervised at all times. Our experienced staff provides one-on-one attention to your pets to ensure they are healthy and happy while in our care. Call us at (828) 572-4080 today to learn more about our facility or to schedule a tour.
Group of dogs — Doggy Daycare in Lenoir, NC

Save Yourself Money

SENIOR CITIZENS this one is for you! All day, everyday we offer 10% off your total for any of our services!! But that's not all, on the FIRST MONDAY of EVERY MONTH we offer a senior citizen bath day. Small dogs are now $10, medium dogs are now $12, and large dogs are now $15. This is a value that is usually worth $20-40!! This will include the shampooing, conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expressing! All you need to do is call us at (828) 572-4080 and let us know that you would like to bring your pet in!!

We also offer 10% off for military and 10% for referrals. We will do police dogs for free!

Prices have changed a little due to the cost of supplies.

Our Grooming Services

Along with Boarding and Doggie Daycare we offer grooming to dogs and cats of all breeds great and small. Each pet that enters the facility is treated with the best quality care that your pet deserves. Our professional groomer customizes each pets cut or wash with the specific needs of that particular pet and the owner. We offer a variety of services in our grooming department. Bathing is categorized by size of pet. Each bath includes a specialized organic shampoo, conditioner, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expressing for one price depending on size and type of pet. Grooming will include the haircut along with the shampoo, conditioner, nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expressing. We typically do either a shape-up or full body groom. For these services we will require the proof of rabies certificate if the pet is of age!

  • Shape Up - Trimming around face, bottom, belly, feet and ears (if preferred), also included is a full bath.
  • Full Body Groom (Shave Down) - Body is cut with a long or short blade leaving the hair shorter or medium length, face is trimmed along with ears and tail, also included is a full bath.
Hamster — Pet Grooming in Lenoir, NC
Like many of us, we don't have a place to bathe our pets at home. We offer a self-service bath for you! Here, you can use our large bathing tub to give your pet a bath yourself. The fee for this service will be $15 for any size pet and we offer the shampoo, towels for drying and a blow dry with our powerful dryers. We offer this service by appointment only so please call us if you are interested.

Other small services include: small animal bath (ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.), flea dipping, nail trimming, nail filing, nail painting, tooth brushing, and fresh breath treatment!

Upon arrival and dismissal, our staff will check your pet for fleas. If we find fleas, we will administer a CAPSTAR which is a 24 hour flea prevention. The pet will also receive a bath at your expense to wash off the fleas. If your pet is given a capstar, a fee will be charged, $7 for small animals and $8 for large animals!

Our prices vary, you will need to call our office at 828-572-4080 or Teresa at 828-726-8688 for individualized pricing.

Our Boarding Services


Requirements for Boarding

  • All pets must be on some type of flea preventative
  • All dogs are required to have the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine, rabies vaccine, and distemper/parvo vaccine. All cats will only be boarded in suites. We require rabies vaccine, and feline leukemia vaccine or proof that your cat is feline leukemia negative if indoor only.
  • Each pet should have a boarding application filled out by their owner (link is above)
This deposit will go towards your boarding fee. If you need to cancel your reservations for any reason, we will refund you the $25.00 if you will give us notice within 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR BOARDING RESERVATION. If you do not contact us within the 24 hour period, your deposit will be nonrefundable.
These holidays may include: Christmas, New Years's, 4th of July, Spring Break/Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day.
Pets — Pet Boarding in Lenoir, NC

Our Kennels

We have 12 kennels that can hold up to 3 dogs comfortably. All kennels are in the same room, each is separated with a wall and fencing. Dogs cannot see who is beside them which will give them plenty of privacy and comfort during their stay with us. You may bring anything that will make your pet feel at home such at: beds, blankets, personal items, toys, chews, bowls, etc. We can provide food for your pet at no extra charge. We do suggest however, that if your pet is on a special diet that you bring your own food so as not to upset their stomachs.

NEW Kennels are now equipped with a television and camera surveillance at all times!!


(Includes cot, blanket/dog bed, eleven 5X10 separate kennels, ac/heat, radio or television, cameras, lamp)
  • Small Dog (1 - 20 lbs):$17/day
  • Medium Dog (21 - 45 lbs):$18/day
  • Large Dog (46 lbs and up):$19/day
  • 2 Dogs (Any Size) Same Kennel:$30/day
  • 3 Dogs (Any Size) Same Kennel:$32/day

Why Choose Our Pet Boarding Services?

  • We Take All Pets Out Several Times a Day
  • We Are Proud to be a Cage-Free Facility
  • Our Staff Provides One-on-One Care
  • We Feature a Pool for Dogs to Enjoy
  • All Rooms Feature Heating & AC
  • All Pets Have Comfortable Cots for Sleeping
  • We Are Conveniently Located Near a Vet

Our Suites

We have five suites avaliable both small and large. Each suite contains one to two toddler beds, radio, lamp, and heating and air conditioning. Our suites are like a mini hotel for our boarders. Each suite has a theme and decorations to make the rooms look like home.

NEW All suites are now equipped with televisions and camera surveillance at all times!!
Suite 1 blue — Kennels in Lenoir, NC
Suite 2 red — Kennels in Lenoir, NC
Suite 3 red and blue — Kennels in Lenoir, NC
Suite 4 blue and pink — Kennels in Lenoir, NC
Suite 5 blue — Kennels in Lenoir, NC

Suite Rates

Includes toddler bed, lamp, radio or television, cameras, ac/heat, individual room)


*We do not allow more than 3 dogs per suite*
Suite 1, 2, 4 (Smaller Suites):$27/day (Additional dogs $10 per dog)
Suite 3, 5 (Larger Suites):$32/day (Additional dogs $10 per dog)


One cat suite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:$17/day(Additional cats $10 per cat)

Our Doggie Daycare Services

Ensure your pet is well taken care of by choosing our doggie daycare service. Just for doggie daycare, we require that all dogs be spayed or neutered. We provide attentive one-on-one care for every dog at our daycare. Dogs enjoy complete run of the facility at our daycare and we offer a large fenced in area for the dogs to run and play outdoors. In addition, we provide each dog with their own individual section to lay and rest. For the protection of all pets and staff, we require a copy of your pets' shot records and we ensure all pets are supervised at all times.


  • Full Day (5 hours or more):$18 (Additional dogs 10% off) 2nd dog $16.20
  • Half Day (4 hours or less):$13 (Additional dogs 10% off) 2nd dog $11.70


  • 5 Days:$80 ($16/day)
  • 10 Days:$150 ($15/day)
  • 20 Days:$280 ($14/day)
Tyson and Nabu playing — Doggy Daycare in Lenoir, NC